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Every colorful day, there are hundreds of reports of motor vehicle accidents and car crashes all over the entire continent. The sad part being that any victim of a car accident can have a traumatizing experience and then it blows up into scary bills, medical check-ups and insurance claims. At this point, the best option for any man who cares about his good living is to opt quickly for an auto accident lawyer.

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Of course, getting injured in a car accident may be the most frightening time of one’s life. And when this injury is as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are granted every right to be compensated for your pains and bills. Will make this as simple for anyone to understand!


  • Recover damages incurred at minimum inconvenience
  • Recover lost wages that emanated from injury
  • Help to reduce expensive medical bills and a few other valuables.

Technically, you should consider hiring an auto accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer if you meet one or more of these conditions:

  • You have suffered from really severe car accident injury.
  • You are managing a broke bank account as a result of lost money from personal injury or as the case may be.
  • Your medical bills are huge; so much that you can’t deal.
  • You cannot even explain exactly what is wrong; right after suffering from a car accident. The feeling of being dead-alive!

Certainly, your crave for a car accident claim is much needed.

Did you know that an Auto Accident Lawyer generally works in both ways? Keep reading…


Finding an auto accident attorney could be tasking, especially when you don’t know jack about the entire car accident settlement advantage.  In essence, you probably have no idea of what you should be looking for and where you should throw your searchlight. Here’s why you should bookmark this page right now! I have broken this process into two easy steps without any hidden grammar.

identifying auto accident attorney


There’s a ton of ways to do this. You can start by visiting law firms close to you as they most likely would have a lawyer dealing specifically with auto accident injury. Also, a good way to do your search is by putting a call through to the State Bar Association and request for their list of accredited car accident lawyers. The above processes may take you some time but at least you are assured good results after all.

But Wait… What happened to the internet?

How about you conduct a 10 minutes search on the web and have the best auto accident lawyer getting things done for you in no time? This is by far the fastest and most efficient method of running an attorney search today. In fact, there are client reviews everywhere to guide you, should in case you hit the doubt factor. So now I give you one more reason to put this page in your bookmarks – there’s going to be a careful review of who you should hire and who you should not in the blogs section. Also, rare tips that will help you with getting the best service possible are all packed into this tiny little website!  In the meantime, let’s move on.


As soon as you have curated a good list of car accident attorneys in your hood, the next step is choosing the right one. Yes, they are all good but which one is actually good for you? That’s the right question staring at you in the face!
The most appropriate auto attorney should be someone you can confide in, someone you can give every detail about the accident and lastly, someone who will spring good effort into getting you a befitting car accident claim and compensation.

Okay in practical, you can only do this by conducting an interview with the lawyer(s). You should Attempt to get a feel of how you can work with them and if you can really trust them. A simple conversation can give you all the answers you need. You could throw questions like “what are your qualifications?”, “have you handled any similar auto accident cases in the past?”, “how did you handle this? And that?” or other related questions.

That’s it. You got your auto accident attorney!

Did you get bored? Apologies 🙂 The video below explains about half of what I’ve been talking about so far.



First, please note that a car accident lawyer works in two ways:car crash what to do

  1. If you’re the cause of an accident, you can hire a lawyer to help with contesting for a car accident claim. This mostly works if the accident wasn’t entirely your fault.
  2. If you are victim of a crash caused by another, you can hire a lawyer to file for compensation and damages.

Now, regardless the position you find yourself, a good rule of thumb is to file a claim within 30days from the date of the accident so as to get full benefits.

Going forward, if there’s any personal injury sustained, you should also file for a personal injury claim even though most insurance agencies will not tell you about this benefit. Now, ensure that you are truthful with your lawyer so he can help and advise accordingly on how to get maximum benefits through settlements and compensations.

Pro Tip: It may be difficult to prove your innocence when you are taking the position of the one who caused the accident. In this case, I advise that you get your lawyer to prove clearly how the accident was caused by malfunctioning traffic lights, poor road lighting, construction and maintenance or whatever actually made you bash someone’s car.  If it is proved that a government entity is at fault, your lawyer then knows what to do to bring the ‘responsible’ to court and deal accordingly with this government entity so that everyone can return home happy.

Whatever the case is, an expert auto accident lawyer will skillfully investigate the accident, preserve evidence, conduct proper medical checkup and ensure that your mind is at maximum peace.

Now let’s talk about best practices against auto accidents. If you act smart, you could save yourself loads of stress and generally save your God-given life.

Please don't be like this guy!

Please don’t be like this guy!


Tip #1. Use the car Regularly. Don’t let it stay idle for too long.

Tip #2. Always park it in a shade, to protect the paint.

Tip #3. Wash the car once a week, at least.

Tip #4. Wax the car once in a couple of months.

Tip #5. Always check the car battery

Tip #6. Change the engine oil and oil filters regularly.

Tip #7. Always ensure that the tires are fully inflated.

Tip #8. The car engine should be well serviced.

Tip #9. The spark plugs should be changed after every 50,000 kms.

Tip #10. The wheel alignment should be checked after every 50,000 kms.

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